The Code of Conduct intends to catalyze non-partisan, unbiased exchange of communication.

All questions/answers/information submitted on MYLOKTANTRA portal by users and representatives are read by a team of moderators. The moderators after ensuring that the above are in compliance with the Code of Conduct post them on the portal.

The under mentioned rules apply likewise to both users and elected representatives.

  1. Questions/statements that are communal, gender sensitive, derogatory to any individual/community/culture, abusive, insulting and dehumanizing would constitute breach of conduct.
  2. Questions that intrude into private life are not permitted.
  3. Statements by users that are not questions but merely express opinion, spam, etc. are not permitted.
  4. Questions should not exceed 2000 characters for readability. Only one supplementary question is allowed (although moderator reserves the right to use discretion).
  5. If the question cites any information, the source for such information is to be quoted.
  6. Candidate’s employees, party office, moderating team are not allowed to post questions.
  7. Questions under false email address or using a pseudonym are not permitted. Anonymous questions shall not be entertained and submitted to the representatives.
  8. Questioners and candidates will be notified of all rejected questions or answers.

In case of repetitive breach of Code of Conduct, MYLOKTANTRA may, if it decides so, block your account and take action, as it deems suitable.

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