Bottom up democracy is what we stand for. Unless every Indian participates in India’s democratic development, realizing India of our dreams is impossible. Felix Frankfurter has said, "No office in the land is more important than that of being a citizen"

With this thought, MYLOKTANRA originated and is focused towards bridging the gap between the elected representative and the people of India by acting as an effective channel of communication. We, India’s only bottom up democracy portal aspire to drive accountability within the political ecosystem and develop a professional environment for collective progress of the country.

We are determined to empower every Indian with rightful information about country and its development. This starts pre-vote by facilitating detailed credentials of each candidate from every constituency such that voters can take informed decision. The bottom up democracy saga continues with providing easy access to ‘question the representative’ on  public forum by  ASK THE MP and  know their strategy by KNOW THE AGENDA features of portal ; keep a tab on the deliverables promised during elections and archive discussions for future reference.

Creating sustainable democracy is our dream and we shall attain this by :

  • Ensuring active participation of the masses beyond elections;
  • Creating transparency in our democratic system;
  • Inducing professionalism and sense of focus within elected representatives and;
  • Promoting inclusive development from grassroots level.

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