OUR REPRESENTATIVES are accountable to us for all that they have promised, have done, shall do and failed to do. The question is not just of our individual growth but that of the entire Nation.

Reach out to your representatives post-elections. Ask questions in constituency’s interest and get replies, know their action-plans and get an insight into their developmental strategy. Archive your questions and look back later to observe if the promises made have been met. MYLOKTANTRA lets you do all this and much beyond: Now ask your MP all that you want and play a crucial role in India’s development.

India of our dreams is currently strangled by grave issues on the ground level; ones that are extremely challenging to be resolved. Thus, the task of our MPs has become colossal.With the multiple factors influencing their problems and without a magic wand, they alone cannot accomplish it. Let us empower and enable them through grassroots to rise up to the call of the Nation.  Praise them for their accomplishments and assist them to meet shortcomings.  Let us co-create a micro and macroclimate for them to take India to a path of sustainable growth.

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